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Top 5 Fun Things to do at Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park

5 Things to do in Stone Mountain Park


Stone Mountain Park is a popular destination for everyone in the Atlanta Metro area. Established in 1838 by Aaron Cloud, Stone Mountain Park was the first tourism destination built on top of a mountain. The mountain stands at 1,686 feet and is more like a giant boulder than a traditional mountain as it is comprised of granite rock. Take the sky lift to enjoy its spectacular panoramic views or hike up on foot if you’re adventurous. While that is the most popular attraction at the Park, during your visit, this is just one of the enjoyable stuff to do at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta.

If you’re looking for family-friendly outdoor attractions, leisure activities, and on-site accommodation, Stone Mountain Park is definitely your remedy. I’ve listed a few fun activities below but keep in mind, this is a huge park so there’s plenty of things to do. Be sure to take a look at Stone Mountain Park’s website for the full list!

  • Camping

Stone Mountain Park Campground Map
Stone Mountain Park Campground Map

Get going on an unforgettable camping trip where you’re not confined to standard pop-up tent camping! There are a range of camping choices to choose from. Look out the bamboo-and-canvas yurts that have accessories and can accommodate up to 5 campers for a much more relaxing encounter.


  • Hiking

View from the top of Stone Mountain
View from the top of Stone Mountain

Consider taking one of several walking trails to take in the magnificence of the natural surroundings. Identify the correct trail for you, with terrain, duration, and complexity options differing. For stunning and broad views, head up to the top of a mountain. This track can be challenging and rough in some places. Begin your morning hike to witness the sunrise, or return for a beautiful sunset later in the evening.

  • Golfing

Lakemont Golf Course
Lakemont Golf Course in Stone Mountain, GA

The Stone Mountain Golf Club is one of the Atlanta area’s top golf courses. Stone Mountain Park’s two Championship golf courses, the Lakemont course and the Stonemont course deliver distinctive characteristics and picturesque views.


  • Segway Tours and Electric Bikes Rentals

Bike and Segway Tours are available
Bike and Segway Tours are available

Ride along the shoreline in comfort all along paths and enjoy scenic, historical sites like Grist Mill, the Quarry Exhibit, and much more! The  electric bike rentals are comparable to riding a motorcycle, since pedaling is completely your choice.

Experience the southern outdoors with your family at Stone Mountain Park and cherish the lifelong memories.


  • Take the SkyRide lift to the top of Stone Mountain

SkyRide at Stone Mountain Park
SkyRide at Stone Mountain Park

The easiest way to enjoy the view from the top of Stone Mountain would be to take the SkyHigh lift. Powered by a high-speed Swiss Cable car, the SkyRide will give you the most beautiful views of Stone Mountain Park as well as the surrounding Atlanta Metro area. Read More about SkyRide


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